Burglar & Fire Alarms from Baltimore, Maryland

Ensure that your residential or commercial property is safe with burglar and fire alarms from Baltimore Alarm & Security Inc., of Baltimore, Maryland. These security systems transmit alarms wirelessly to our central monitoring station over our state-of-the-art GSM (cellular) network.
For Your Peace of Mind
Break-ins happen, so it is best to ensure that your property is protected before one happens to you. Our burglar alarms consist of a main control panel with a keypad and loud audible siren. In addition, your external doors are protected against forced entry, and you have a motion detector. Have your burglar alarm monitored starting at $32 per month. Feel at ease when you add these additional accessories to your system:
  • Window Contacts
  • Glass Break Detectors
  • Panic Buttons
  • Medical Alert Buttons
  • Additional Code Pads
  • Internal Door Contacts
  • Window Screens
Knowing the Alarm Activity
You no longer need to guess when your business opens for the day. Our company offers an alarm system that notifies you when your business opens too early or late. You have the option to have your reports faxed or e-mailed to you at weekly or monthly intervals. These reports show you the time, date, and who armed or disarmed the system. You can also view the activity report online.
Detection Devices
Know what happens outside your home or business easily when you come to our company for a burglar alarm with outside perimeter detection devices. Prices range with each device, including photoelectric beams, passive motion detectors, magnetic contacts, and fence alarms.
Fire Alarm — Fire Alarms in Baltimore, MD
Perfect Amount of Protection
Keep your family protected with an affordable fire alarm from Baltimore Alarm & Security Inc. Whether you live in a small, single-family home or own a large hotel, these systems offer the perfect amount of protection for your property. Pricing varies, so call for more information. Commercial fire alarms and smoke detectors may include:
  • Pull Stations
  • Fire Horns
  • Fire Strobe Lights
  • Sprinkler Monitoring
These security systems can, as an option, transmit alarms wirelessly
In addition, your external doors are protected against forced entry, and we offer internal motion detectors.
Contact us today in Baltimore, Maryland, to request installation of a new fire alarm.