Alarm Systems in Baltimore, Maryland

Keep your home or office protected with an affordable alarm system from Baltimore Alarm & Security Inc., of Baltimore, Maryland.
Monitor What Happens
Closed-circuit TV is the perfect system to monitor and record what is going on in your commercial or residential space. Everything is recorded onto a hard drive, which you can view live or remotely via the Internet with secure password protection.
Access Control
Limit the access to your office space with affordable access controllers from our company. These systems include electronic door locks and proximity readers, which can be used with a keycard or key fob. Your system is connected to a main computer that tracks and stores when employees enter and exit the building.
For Your Business
As a business owner, you want to know that your employees and property are safe. Our company offers affordable holdup alarm systems that notify the central station in the event of a holdup. Choose between silent and audible alarm systems.
Notifying You of a Flood
Many home and business owners are unaware when their sump pump has stopped working until after the damage is done. Come to our security company for the flood alarm system you need to indicate when the sump pump isn't working properly or when you have water due to a leak.
Before Damage Occurs
During the winter months, many homeowners go away to spend the holidays with loved ones. Ensure that your home is protected while you are away with one of our temperature alarm systems.
Setting Control Panel On Home Security System — Access Control in Baltimore, MD
The alarm system notifies you when your heating system isn't working properly, preventing you from spending thousands on repairs for frozen pipes. Any temperature-sensitive areas, such as freezers, are easily monitored for the appropriate temperatures, and our system alerts you when there is a problem.
At the Push of a Button
Control access to your home or business with one of our electronic locking devices. This makes it easy to lock and unlock the door with the push of a button. You also have the option to add an audio-only or video intercom to see and speak to people before letting them enter the premises. In addition, we offer an alarm system that calls for medical assistance at the push of a button.
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