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Security Company in Baltimore, Maryland

Woman's hand entering code on keypad — Access Control in Baltimore, MD
Modern office building with secured doors — Access Control in Baltimore, MD
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Since 1967, our security company in Baltimore, Maryland, has offered the most professional installation and services for a wide variety of security systems.
When you need a new system for your home or office, the team at Baltimore Alarm & Security Inc., is ready to give you peace of mind with the safe and secure environment you seek.
Determining Which System is Right
Whether you live in a small, single-family home or own a large warehouse, our company offers a variety of security and alarm systems for your needs.
Simply call to schedule an initial consultation. Our team visits your property to record entry points and measurements. From there, we discuss the different options to find one that best suits your needs.
Woman's hand entering code on keypad — Access Control in Baltimore, MD
  • Burglar Alarms
  • Fire Alarms
  • Closed-Circuit TV
  • Access Control
  • Holdup Alarms
  • Flood Alarms
  • Temperature Alarms
  • Medical Alarms
  • Electronic Door Releases
Smartphone & Computer Integration
Alarm and security systems give home and business owners peace of mind that their property is protected. Unfortunately, when you are away, you can't always view and control your system. No worries—our security company offers smartphone and computer integration so that you can view and control your system remotely through your smartphone or Internet-ready computer.
Additional Services
While our company specializes in a variety of alarm systems, we also offer other services, including:
  • Network, Telephone, Cable TV, & Home Theater Wiring Services
  • Intercom Systems
  • Alarms for Scheduling Reminders
  • Chimes & Enunciator Systems
  • Talking Alarms
  • Light Controls
  • Wireless Alarms
  • Alarm Monitoring Services
Catering to the Handicapped
For your convenience, our company proudly caters to the handicapped and their specialized needs. From strobe light alarms for the hearing impaired to computer systems for nursing homes, we have it all to ensure you are always safe and secure.
Personalized Service for Competitive Prices
Our security company offers nothing short of personalized service for your every need. From flexible service appointments to catering to your security needs, our family-owned-and-operated company does it all for you—at prices you can afford.
Contact us today in Baltimore, Maryland, to request our services when you need a new burglar alarm to protect your home.
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